bed bug removal singapore

How to Choose the Best Bed Bug Services in Singapore – Things to Know

Bed bugs are the parasites that feed on the human blood and every bite can lead to rashes that might not be harmful, but will cause discomfort and itchiness. They’re the small insects which will hide in the nooks and crannies all over your house, like seams of mattresses or dark corners, and making them difficult to detect. To survive at the temperatures of over 45 degrees Celsius makes them very difficult to get rid of without the special treatment.

How it enters your home?

bed bug removal singapore

Bed bugs can spread easily across countries if the bugs and eggs get in the traveller’s clothes and luggage. You might unwittingly bring the bed bugs to your home from holiday, or they might enter to your home from neighbor’s house. One important thing you need to note is bed bug infestations will happen to anybody and anytime. They’re not the sign of cleanliness or poor hygiene.

How to eradicate it?

The tell tale signs for the presence of bed bug are moults of bugs, the blood stains on bed sheets as well as faecal matter in your home. You might eradicate bed bugs just by using the steam vacuum, washing or drying the clothes at temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius often, and more drastically, just throw away your mattresses and furniture affected. Some other methods will include the insecticide sprays; however these aren’t advisable for bedding.

Final Word

Whereas you can very easily find DIY solutions to infestations on Internet, still it is good to consult the bed bug services Singapore. It is because what appears like the bed bug problem can actually be the infestation of different insect.