kids cognitive training singapore

Know about The Kids cognitive training Singapore:

Nobody will object to the fact that there is a need for cognitive skill development from an early stage starting from kids.  The program of cognitive training is especially for your kids. The program is about 80 hours program which takes care of the intensive brain development for the kids of age 5-12 years old because the developments begin from a small age.

The program has a session of once a week 2 hours. The process of training begins with the child taking an assessment that helps to determine the areas which need some work. The strengths can also be noticed with this assessment.

kids cognitive training singapore

As the process of training goes for a while, there are results and progress reports which are shared with the parents, the assignments have worksheets attached which lets the parents know what happened in the class. The kids cognitive training singapore are evaluated on the progress of the kids on a personalized level that allows the teacher to work on the specific areas of the brain, to improve the progress of your child.

There are feedback sessions which are held more often, giving you an insight into your child’s progress. With the use of targeted modules which helps the child to improve their strengths, cognitive development and focus on improving the weak areas of the brain.

In order to solve your queries, you can get in touch with the helpline after filling an enquiry form or calling the helpline directly. More information can be provided by the helpline itself.