transporting horses

Learn some information about horse relocation

Relocation is a cumbersome process, and requires a lot of attention and meticulous planning. The job of shifting household products can be accomplished with the support of professional packers & movers companies. But when it comes to moving your pet – the job demands a particular attention. You will need to ensure a smooth, safe and humane travel for your company. Here, we have listed some of the relocation tips which can create the changing less traumatic for you and your creature, both.

Before moving to the destination, schedule detailed checkups for your pet. Ask your vet, if any significant precaution needs to be taken. Receive all necessary vaccination, and receive a certificate indicating transporting horses are in good health. Ensure your pet’s collar is comfortable, and properly labelled. The tag should have your title and addressed mentioned inside.

transporting horses

Travelling with collar and leash for dogs; and be certain that you carry litter, a litter pan, scooper and plastic bags for cats. Allow your pets to have regular meals and workout regimen. Remember to carry first aid kit with you. It’s also suggested to pack pet’s regular food and bottled water, to prevent stomach upset. Hire a professional pet carrier. Be sure the carrier used for transport has a centre of travel kennel. The container should have no inner protrusion, sturdy handles, gripes or sharp edges. It should have sufficient space where your pet can openly stand, turn and lie down. Furthermore, it must have proper ventilation and the doors are locked in a safe manner.

If your pet needs to be changed by air, collect detailed details about their rules and regulations regarding pet travel. Confirm whether the airline will provide the container, or you will have to make the arrangement yourself. Make sure someone will pick up your pet and treat it until you arrive.